Monday, August 16, 2010

Rougé! - The Sounds of the Underground

Rougé –noun:

From the Latin "Rubiacus", Meaning: "The Red Place." Often used to describe a debaucherous establishment or notorious party.If you havent checked out one yet, ROUGÉ is a night that doesn't cater to the mainstream and where the music speaks for itself. We're gonna take you on a journey through the many genre's that make our scene so special. This is something we've been putting together for a long time now and a night we're very passionate about. We are proud to present - ROUGÉ -

Featuring the bumpiest underground Tech, the smoothest Progressive, the grooviest Chicago House, the mind altering Techno and lets not forget The Deep, The Dutch & The Jackin House Straight from the USA & Europe, a night at ROUGÉ will excite the ears and have you coming back for more.

The ROUGÉ Djs are the best in the State, They're hand picked from all the different crews who bring you your music every weekend, and they're coming down to play their absolute favorite styles you wont hear elsewhere, we're in for a treat!

♥ Who's Playing?

All killer no filler!
Nathan Francis
Jean-Paul [France]
Jay Vicente
Marko La Kucha
Carl Drake
El Dario
Scott Blackman
Adam Kytka

For downright debauchery without compromise, Rougé is the night.

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