Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Witness DJ/Party extraordinaire Carl Drake mixing while working out, truly inspirational!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Art Department talk the future

Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow are two well-recognized veterans in theCanadian dance music scene, but neither have had the popular impact they've had together as Art Department. The awareness of the duo has been building for many months now and they've moved beyond the dance music ghetto in to the same rarified air that kicked off the DFA era last decade.
Art Department's album The Drawing Board is a culmination of all those pop influences bombarding dance music for the past ten year and offers a sea change moment, as even White alludes to in our interview time together. Timing is everything, because A.D. isn't the only artist out there exploring the radio-friendly possibilities that current dance music trends have to offer, but for whatever reason these guys have been the new it-kids.

But that is often the case in the crazy world of pop music and who knows where it will end up, but expect somebody like 
Rihanna or Beyonce to making the call to A.D. soon.
But for now, White and Glasgow are poised for that success, right at that moment before it all unfolds, when it is both kinetic and alive with potential.

That pause before the next breath, I. Voice got a unique opportunity to capture that moment in this brief interview with
 Jonny White.

There's a lot of buzz around the album did you ever think, after years of making tracks, that the Art Department project would be the one that would make such a big impact?
No, of course you can't predict that a project will catch the way that 
Art Department has.  However, we have never had this type of support on any previous projects - i.e. Having the Crosstown team behind us and all of our friends behind us so we did have high hopes, as we do with anything we undertake.

Tell us a little bit about making the album, what are some of your personal favorite tracks from it and what are some of your fondest memories in the studio during the making?
We love the entire album... I don't know that we really like one or two best because they each represent a different idea and time in the writing process. I think my fondest memory of studio time spent while writing the 
Drawing Board was the five days we spent in the studio with Soul Clapat my place in Toronto... Five days, camped out around my living room off your head making music with Soul Clap.

The album feels like a collection of music that needs to be listened to in its entirety with many twists and turns. Was there a conscious reject of the current notion of dance music LPs that makes every track a big singles that offer only variations on a theme that leaves fans only to select their favorites or was this just mere coincidence, the unconscious part of the creative process?

We're very proud of the ALBUM we just wrote. It certainly wasn't a collection of singles tossed together to fill ten slots.

What, in your opinion, draws people to your music? It seems to cross musical tastes and age groups to find wide appeal. Few electronic music acts seem to enjoy that success without making pop music concessions so perhaps you can share some insights with us?
I think a lot of it is timing. I think that people are hungry for change and for the next sound and as a result also very open-minded.

What are your touring plans for the album?
We've been touring non-stop since last 
August and there's no end in sight so we'll be continuing with our regular schedule - EuropeNorth and South America, and everywhere in between.

Where will you be playing at in Miami and for which WMC?
Well you've actually caught me during the after party here in 
Miami for the Hot Natured show at the Electric Pickle, which was really special. We also played the DJ Mag pool party, Flying Circus, Circoloco, Get Lost, and my No.19 label showcase all of which were really amazing shows.

Any thoughts on the WMC controversy?
I don't really know what was behind this year's scheduling so it's not really for me to comment on. Although I can say that it definitely took a bit of a toll on the numbers at some events, shows like 
Lawler's Light's Out with massive lineups were cancelled due to lack of ticket sales, while we managed to sell out Get LostHot Natured, andNo.19 which was a pleasant surprise and a bit of a glimpse into the immediate future.

Ibiza this summer for Art Department? Where will you be playing at?
As of now we'll be playing 
Circoloco @ DC10 quite consistently and see what else falls into place.

What other things can we expect from Art Department this year musically?
We've been working on loads of remixes over the last several months since completing the album. A few on the way include a remix of 
Damian's "Different Now", Azari & lll "Hungry For The Power" and Jamie Jones"Paradise".

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Harem - 27th May @ Geisha

Venture though modern house & techno

Cracking instalment of The Harem this month:

El Dario
Richard Lee
Nathan Francis
Luke P

I've also put together a chart for the Harem blog which can be found here-
Check it out, some cracking tracks on there :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RebelRave - Crosstown Rebels

At the beginning of 2011 the Rebels paid a visit to the magical and mystical country that is Peru, visiting one of the World’s Seven Wonders, Machu Picchu, and playing at Peru’s first ever day time beach party, hosted by 4Beats Peru.
Featuring Damian Lazarus, Clive Henry and Jamie Jones.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joris Voorn & Edwin Oosterwal @ Geisha

Amazing night at geisha, packed club, great atmosphere and an enhanced sound system! Joris & Edwin both played killer sets, have a look at some of the videos I took on the night :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Luciano and his Vagabundos return to Pacha Ibiza

 One of the biggest success stories of the 2010 Ibiza season was undoubtedly Cadenza’s Sunday night takeover of Pacha, led by the label’s chief Luciano. The Chilean powerhouse has upped the stakes this year, inviting back his fellow Cadenza stars Reboot, Michel Cleis and Robert Dietz, while also making room in the booth for distinguished ring-ins like Dixon, Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen, DJ Koze and Daniel Bell.
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Fore's 1st Birthday

Tonight, come celebrate the day of birth for popular Perth night FORE.

That was a mouthful.

Bangnin line up and an awesome atmosphere plus the chance to see and take photos with El Josh.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Harem Blog

The Harem lads have put together a blog in aid of promoting the Perth dance music scene, they have included weekly charts which will include local & resident DJs top 10 tracks of the moment, DJ sets both local and international, updates on Harem nights and international tours which will be hitting our city.

Check in with this blog as it will be updated very regularly.

The next Harem night kicks off @ Geisha on the 27th of May. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something different

Awesome initiative by TTN, introducing music, style & art to Perth! 
Starting with the repaint of the Double Lucky in Leederville!

There are certain simple things in life we choose to overlook, take for granted and that we let pass us by.

Kickin it on a Sunday,
Live Art,
Brews or cocktails in hand,

In collaboration with the ‘Double Lucky’ and ‘The Butcher Shop’ we invite you come and de-stress after a crazy Easter period and jump into a straight Sunday vibe on May 22nd. The town of Vincent have cut the red tape, allowing us make the surrounding laneway ours by fencing off the area and splaying out an externally located bar, sound/Dj booth, and furniture set-up for your laziness.

Slide through any time between 2pm to 7pm to catch the re-paint of Double Lucky’s three outer walls by a selection of the cream of the crop of Perth Aerosol artists. We’ve blacked out the walls to create a blank canvas for you to watch the masterpiece come together, live. After the sunsets, the party moves inside for an intimate mix-up both of tunes and dranks til 10pm!

Ol school / funky Hip Hop, Broken Beat & some melodic Dubstep sounds for good measure will be the soundtrack of the day. 
Delivered by an All-star local line-up.