Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something different

Awesome initiative by TTN, introducing music, style & art to Perth! 
Starting with the repaint of the Double Lucky in Leederville!

There are certain simple things in life we choose to overlook, take for granted and that we let pass us by.

Kickin it on a Sunday,
Live Art,
Brews or cocktails in hand,

In collaboration with the ‘Double Lucky’ and ‘The Butcher Shop’ we invite you come and de-stress after a crazy Easter period and jump into a straight Sunday vibe on May 22nd. The town of Vincent have cut the red tape, allowing us make the surrounding laneway ours by fencing off the area and splaying out an externally located bar, sound/Dj booth, and furniture set-up for your laziness.

Slide through any time between 2pm to 7pm to catch the re-paint of Double Lucky’s three outer walls by a selection of the cream of the crop of Perth Aerosol artists. We’ve blacked out the walls to create a blank canvas for you to watch the masterpiece come together, live. After the sunsets, the party moves inside for an intimate mix-up both of tunes and dranks til 10pm!

Ol school / funky Hip Hop, Broken Beat & some melodic Dubstep sounds for good measure will be the soundtrack of the day. 
Delivered by an All-star local line-up. 

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