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Steve Lawler to mix next Lights Out compilation

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If ever there was a mix-CD series that said it all about a DJ, it’sSteve Lawler’s Lights Out. Following on from his Dark Drumsmixes, the Birmingham figurehead unleashed Lights Out Vol. 1in the early 2000s.
The mix celebrated the seamy, deep-in-the-night strains of four-four, with a double-disc tracklist that veered away from the obvious. Two further editions followed, each with the same aesthetic of murky dancefloors and hypnotic selections. True to its storied reputation, inthemix contributors named Lights Out Vol. 1 in the Top 30 Mix-CDs of All Time, which you can check out at the end of this article.
In 2011, Lawler is resurrecting the Lights Out series to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Lights Out – Decade will be released on his own VIVa MUSiC imprint on 28 May, once again holding true to the original template.
“In this day and age, a mix compilation needs to be special in some way, as DJ mixes are freely available all over the internet,” says Lawler is the press notes. “So my plan was to have as many tracks as possible exclusive to this album, being released nowhere else but here. That along with every single track being re-edited or re-arranged makes this in some ways more than just a mix compilation.”
Lawler is set to launch the compilation this Friday 25 March with a six-hour session at LIV Club in Miami. Sounds like just the right way to see him…provided they give the lighting guy a night off.
Lights Out – Decade tracklist:
1. Lights Out Decade Intro Part 1
2. Livio & Roby – Moduri – Vakant
3. Portfolio – Hatton Gardens – VIVa MUSiC
4. Lauhaus – Poison (Anton Pieete & Bart Skills Remix) – We Dig
5. Samuel Dan – I Don’t Need It – Sincopat
6. Audiofly – Fela (Davide Squillace Simple Chaos Remix) – Get Physical Music
7. Amir – Imperial Moments – Trapez Ltd
8. Ray Roc & Gabe Ramos – Your Soul – VIVa MUSiC
9. Little Fritter – Bubbling Bafoon – Affin
10. Ralph Sliwinski – Minomess – Moon Harbour
11. Frivolous – Ostalgia – Cadenza
12. Peter Bailey & Richie Santana – Inside Out (PBRS Mindcontrol Mix) – VIVa MUSiC
13. David Lara – Beats & Scratches – VIVa MUSiC
14. Omid S – Osaluna – Rapid Fire
15. Adam Port feat Daniel Wilde – Basement – Moon Harbour
16. Steve Nash – Safari Der Bunten Vogel – VIVa MUSiC
17. Cristobal Paz – Dubongo (Franco Cinelli Remix) – Esperenza

1. Lights Out Decade Intro Part 2
2. Sasch BBC & Caspar – Give Me a Direction – VIVa MUSiC
3. Alfredo Mena – Yeah – VIVa MUSiC
4. Ralph Berr – A Beat of Common Sense – VIVa MUSiC
5. The Martinez Brothers – Issshhh – Objekivity
6. Santé & Thomilla – Got You (Amir Remix) – Bouq
7. David Lara – 3 Minutes – VIVa MUSiC
8. Richie Santana – Lower East Side – VIVa MUSiC
9. Kaiserdisco – Amalfino (2000 and One & DJ Madskillz Remix) – MBF
10. Lauhaus – Poison – We Dig
11. Christopher Groove Vs Brothers Vibe – Juan Pachanga (El Baile) Remix – Mixx Records
12. The Machine V’s Jonathan Cowan – Sultan – VIVa MUSiC
13. Adam Port – Tell You – Moon Harbour
14. Ambos & Profound – Clarinda – VIVa MUSiC
15. BNZO – Moonshake – VIVa MUSiC

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